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NoJo, an addicting bouncy ball game. It's fun, simple, and challenging. How many balls can you keep in the air? Can you reach level four? Six? Ten? Click a link below and try it today. 

About Us

Social Entertainment

As a social entertainment company we build apps that rely directly on player feedback to continually evolve and make it the best experience possible. We develop apps with integrity that provide fun, happy, social moments of breath throughout the day. We know that players want a gaming experience across multiple platforms that is innovative and social. We will deliver this in carefully constructed experiences that rely heavily on social elements and user feedback.

Philosophy and Mission

    Our games are all about having fun, social experiences. They are integrative and bring together players and their family and friends. RLabs Group recognizes that relationships are what adds meaning and color to the world. Gaming and social networking are about connections and good-hearted competition between friends. The link between connection and competition is what lies at the core of our apps.


    RLabs is a company that is focused on improving lifestyles and adding color and entertainment to your life. Our apps are about having fun and getting out and taking advantage of the experiences all around. We encourage creativity and expression in our employees, and meet together regularly to discuss ideas. All contributions are encouraged and it is through group input and creation that true quality is achieved. Skill and imagination are the foundation for a high quality app.



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